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About Ted

Ted Lolley has worked in the field of engineering for over 40 years in a variety of roles, and is well-recognized for his leadership in a variety of organizations.



Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering

Atlanta Area Technical School, Atlanta, GA

Tool and Die



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Engineer and Principal – Ted Lolley & Associates, LLC

February 1989 – Present


Owner and Principal, offering services as a professional engineer of structures, civil, site design, environmental, and construction management.  Work is concentrated in the industrial environment with engineering designs including foundations, seismic, equipment design, reinforced concrete, hydrology, structural steel, reinforced masonry, light gauge steel and building demolition by implosion.  Implosion design including precutting, structure load path modification, explosive placement and delay sequencing.

Project Engineer – TMC Construction

February 1987 – February 1989

Responsible for all engineering requirements as related to the construction of commercial and industrial structures.  Also responsible for the engineering of the design/build portions of the work, concrete form design, engineering support, and the inspection of construction work in place for its compliance with contract specifications, engineering principles, and the code.


Project Engineer – Piedmont Engineer & Construction Company

March 1984 – February 1987


Responsible for the design and engineering of commercial projects, review of subcontracted engineering of other professionals, inspection of completed work and confirmation of compliance with the contract specifications, engineering practice, and building code requirements.

Project Manager & Engineer – Hensler & Beavers

September 1981 – March 1984

Responsible for the engineering of the design/build portions of all contracted work for compliance with the contract documents and its compliance with sound engineering practice and the building code.

Research and Development Staff – M.M. Systems Corporation

August 1979 – September 1981

Responsible for the development and engineering of new structural products.   Duties included material research, structural analysis of new and existing products, tooling design, cost analysis and testing.  The position involved the application of engineering principles to many engineering projects in various locations across the United States.

Engineer – Attaway & Howell

February 1976 – August 1979

Assignments included estimating costs of heavy construction projects, supervising the erection of metal siding (Industrial), composite floor deck, roof deck, shear studs, and the engineering of the same for loading span, deflection, gauge determination and fastening methods. Responsibilities included the preparation of estimates, engineered drawings, fabrication and drawings, bills of material, erection supervision, and cost control.         

Design Engineer – H.H. Robertson Company

November 1974 – February 1976

Responsible for engineered floor decking, roof decking and wall panels for commercial applications.  Engineering included gauge selection, details, span

design and shear studs.  Responsibilities included the production of engineered drawings for fabrication and erection and for the preparation of the bills of material.

Assistant Chief Engineer – Trusswall Systems

August 1971 – November 1974

Responsible for the design of timber trusses for residential and commercial applications, which required structural analysis, member selection for size and grade, connector size and placement.  Also, worked with the development of the application of computers to such work.  Responsibilities included nonstandard designs, supervision of four design engineers and the supervision of product testing.



American Society of Civil Engineers

 American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc.

 International Code Council

 International Society of Explosives Engineers (20 years)

 National Trust Forum

 Structural Engineers Association of Kentucky



Two U.S. patents granted:  403,458 and 4,404,777